Thursday, March 16, 2023

Free Digital Scrapbook Candy Cane Alphabet 114

I'm sure I told you about THEE best Christmas I ever had. I was due to have a baby just before Christmas so I went wild and did all my Christmas shopping and preparations in October. That turned out to be a blessing because guess who got bed rest for almost all of November. On the day I was officially 37 weeks I asked the doctor if I could puhleeeeeez clean my house now. He said, all was good and fair in child birth and to have at it. So I cleaned. And went into labor. And had a baby 3 weeks early. Which left me with ALL of December to just enjoy being a mother and ENJOY Christmas as I was able for the first time ever to focus on my family and loved ones. So yeah, I'm giving you a Christmas alphabet in November. Pretend you're pregnant and get hopping on those preparations so you'll have THEE best Christmas ever this year.
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