Friday, April 21, 2023

A-124 Spring 2022 Digital Scrapbook Kit


This kit includes:

  • ◉13 JPG digital scrapbook papers 12x12"
    ◉ 3 lined leaf repeating pattern in green, brown, and blue
    ◉ 2 diagonal stripe backgrounds in green, blue, and brown
    ◉ 1 geometric triangle background in green and blue
    ◉ 1 wood plank background in brown
    ◉ 1 track background in white, blue, and green
    ◉ 3 watercolor with white speckle backgrounds in blue, brown, and teal
    ◉ 1 birch trees in snow background in blue
    ◉ 1 patched denim background in blue

    9 PNG digital scrapbook elements
    ◉ 4 butterfly scatters in white, blue, brown, and green
    ◉ 1 blue metallic star scatter
    ◉ 1 blue and green bunting
    ◉ 2 flowers in brown and blue
    ◉ 1 floral edge in blue, green, and, brown

    TERMS OF USE: Personal Use Only. If you want to use this kit for commercial use you will need to own or purchase the license.

Coming to Etsy soon.
For now, you can download this kit for free in four zipped files:
Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4