Friday, October 13, 2023

A-168ai New England Digital Scrapbook Beach Element Pack

From yesterday... Just dito: " I was curious, so I thought I'd try out the a.i. generators. What do you think? The rules are that I have to disclose that the a.i. thought up most of the end results, though I did tweak it after in PS. (Note the missing flip flop colors in a few places. Pretty interesting. We just got back from New England. They call us "Leaf Peepers!" Man, I so would have bought that tee shirt, only nobody made it. Hilarious. Yes, we went leaf peeping. My favorite was the view from the Omni Mount Washington Resort. We're going to start saving now for next year so we can spend the night. Hoity Toity, but we have to try it at least once. The digi paper pack is too big because I couldn't stop myself from playing with the a.i. Probably going to be my new favorite hobby."

I really stuffed too many images in this element pack.
It took two zip files. I'm impressed with the quality.
A-168 File 1 was the paper pack. Find it HERE.

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