Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Snowman Digi Scrapbook Kit—OLDIE

 Okay, let's see if we can transfer this puppy over to the new blog. Wow, this is an old, hot mess, isn't it?

BELOW ARE WHITE SNOWFLAKES, FLOATING ON A TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND.  THE SNOWFLAKES ARE FROM PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 3 STAMPs.  They're here.  I promise.  They're just hard to see on this blog background.  If you enlarge the image by clicking on it you won't see it because they're white snowflakes and blogger will give them a white background.... I feel like I'm selling the Emperor's New Clothes here. Right click and "image save as" to get the png file.

Here are the alphabets I suggest for this kit.  I'll link each image to the original free alphabet posts.  Many of the posts were made before I started zip files and some were made before I stopped dropping PNG shadows.  Forgive me and remember your favorite word here is FREE.  I also suggest you visit the huge alphabet directory to look for other letters you might like to use in this kit.


Find the Aged Tan Spots Alphabet HERE: