Tuesday, April 25, 2023

A-145 Warmish Spring Digital Scrapbook Quick Page

I took the words off for you.

It looks like digi scrap is easy for me, right? Well, it wasn't always. You see, I have no natural good taste. Really. I have just looked at so many creations and pages over the years that it's easy now. It's just a matter of looking at previews and pages and asking yourself what you like and don't like about them. We just have to cultivate our opinions. You also have to know that if you make a page you love and others don't love it, that's totally okay too. We are beautifully different people. It's okay not to like the same things. The important part is that YOU can look at your own work and smile. That's the joy of creation.

A-145 Warmish Spring, as of today, is still a freebie.

On this one I used the above kit because it had the right shade of yellow to match our Pixabay girl's flower field. But too much yellow. And I didn't include any elements in this pack. So I hopped over to my ScrapGraphics and downloaded free trim, brad, and forked ribbons to pick up the blue in her shirt. Worked pretty well I think. My one regret is the satin scalloped trim is maybe a little too vintage for the modern feel of the prints.