Monday, April 24, 2023

ScrapGraphics.Com Scrapbook Pages

I thought of the name "ScrapGraphics.Com" second or this whole endeavor wouldn't be Granny Enchanted. Though Granny Enchanted has a pleasant ring and a whimsy that I adore, so I'm not sorry in the least. "Scrap Graphics" sounds so technical. And it is. Have you been to the scrap graphics blog? It came from a wish I had. I wanted somebody somewhere to create a free digi scrap blog that was all free and all color coded so I didn't have to think hard when I wanted to make a page. And I didn't want to be saddled with a whole zip file when I wanted a single button. And... nobody did make it. Believe me, I waited.
(Maybe someone else has since. I have just one question for them. "Where were you when I needed you!!")

I created all these pages with the freebies from Scrap Graphics! And it was easy because the site is set up just like I wanted!
(Go figure...almost like I made it myself...[insert innocent cough here])

You can make pages like these too. 

Hint: 1001FreeFonts.Com is going to be an awesome friend for you.

Our most famous layout:

I spelled "wierd" wrong case you didn't know that I know.
I've had lots and lots of people look at this spelling error because this page got kind of famous too.
[and insert face palm here]

I made a gradient mask. I know, basic. But a lot of people don't know how to make one. I use it all the time. Like fading the bottom of the page above into white.

Yeah, Scrap Graphics has trains!!!
I was in a train mood one day and made them in lots of colors.


This is just a bunch of scrap graphics brads on a white background in varying opacity levels. Looks kind of like bubbles, right? And the colors match and I didn't have to think hard because the goodies are organized nice on the blog.

If you've been following Granny Enchanted or Scrap Graphics or any of our too many blogs you might wonder, though I know you're not complaining, "Why free??"

Cool, right?

It's because of a soul giggle. Way way back in the 2009 or something ancient like that, I learned Photoshop Elements by accident. I tweaked some photos. Made some pages. Never thought I'd be a designer (I work in education curriculum development now). Then, one magical day, a neighbor showed me ShabbyPrincess.Com (Sorry, looks like it has long since died). At the time their site had free digital scrapbook kits. And they weren't dorky kits either. They were enchanting, darling, over-the-top cute and clever. And they were FREE!!! I just thought that was so cool. I loved the feeling I had when I downloaded my first kit...which I've never used because I'm not really a big scrapbooker... I'll wait for your shock to ebb .... waiting ... waiting ... recovered yet?

But I loved that feeling, that gift that some stranger tossed up on the web for me. I have ADHD at the very least. I know a lot of us do. That means I have some executive function problems. They make me really awesome sometimes and really frustrating others. I can be really challenged at starting and stopping things. So I started making freebies on the off chance that someone else in the world could smile like I did...and I didn't stop. It was 20...then 30...then a thousand... and more. 

It's a hot mess. But it's hot. And some of it is clever. That's good enough. We have fans from all over the world. 

I do sell some stuff. I'm thinking of taking my old ugly stuff and sticking it off site in a store for cheap. There are still people who like it even if I don't. Most of all though, rather than doing it for the money (Google Adsense pays me too now), I do it because somewhere there is someone who is smiling because of what we have here for FREE. And that's why. You could look at it as free digi content, but I look at it as peddling free smiles.

**Oh, and thank you for your patience while we organize our hot mess. Tedious but fun.